Celebrate Victory

Words and Music by Darcy L. Watkins

Verse 1
I’ve got Jesus in my heart, my redemption’s sealed, the Holy Spirit
in my soul.
With God in my sight, I am raised to new height, there’s only one way
to go!

One vision, single minded, I can see really clear, renewed by the Word of God.
I have faith to receive, His power, I BELIEVE! there’s only one thing
to do!

Praise Him!
Lift up the name of the Lord
Praise Him!
Celebrate! Celebrate!
Shout it out loud, let’s celebrate victory

Verse 2
There’s a world of injustices, atrocities and sin, though not of it we’re
still within.
God is above this, we are safe with Him, hidden in Jesus Christ

Now we move into position as we drop to our knees to wrestle with the enemy.
God’s won the battle, we have the victory, now on our feet, ready press

Copyright © 1999 Darcy L. Watkins
All Rights Reserved

Title:Celebrate Victory
Author:Darcy L. Watkins
Copyright: © 1999, Darcy L. Watkins, All Rights Reserved.
First Line:I’ve got Jesus in my heart, my redemption’s sealed…
Key:A major
Tempo:145 BPM
CCLI ID:5613607

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