We Need The Fullness

Words and Music by Darcy L. Watkins

Here we are, gathered in the name of Jesus,
We lift our voice up to heaven as we sing and pray.
Come fill our hearts Lord, overflow us with Your presence,
We Your church, we need the fullness of Your power and love.

We are the church we drive out darkness,
We’re in this world to blaze as light.
By God’s grace we bring glory to His name.
For this cause, let’s join in unity,
We must fully depend on Him,
So come and pray, we need the fullness of His power and love.

Copyright © 2002 Darcy L. Watkins
All Rights Reserved

Title:We Need the Fullness
Author:Darcy L. Watkins
Copyright: © 2002, Darcy L. Watkins, All Rights Reserved.
First Line:Here we are, gathered in the name of Jesus…
Key:G and A major
Tempo:96 BPM
CCLI ID:3656501

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