This Servant’s Song

Words and Music by Darcy L. Watkins

Verse 1
Your words are life for all who will believe.
They satisfy our needs.
I will rejoice as your Spirit speaks to me,
for Your truth brings joy to me.

Verse 2
With great delight this servant will obey,
I long to do Your will.
To be Your friend as we carry out Your plan,
and see Your glory come.

I will seek You each day,
Yes use me here, I pray
to fulfil Your purpose here am I.
I will follow in Your way,
Your cross lift up each day.
Jesus my Lord and King.

Verse 3
When times are tough, I will turn my eyes on You,
You give me strength to see,
the vision of Your glory coming down,
as Your church moves out to serve.

(repeat chorus twice)

(tag chorus last line twice)

Copyright © 1992 Darcy L. Watkins
All Rights Reserved

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Title: This Servant’s Song
Author: Darcy L. Watkins
Copyright: © 1992, Darcy L. Watkins, All Rights Reserved.
First Line: Your words are life for all who will believe…
Key: G major
Tempo: 130 BPM
Language: English
CCLI ID: 2006839