Healing Hearts

Words and Music by Darcy L. Watkins

Verse 1

With broken hearts and injured souls,
With prayer in every step, we turn to You.
Now crying out, “Restore us whole”
So we can gather here to worship You.


There is love in Your presence.
We are free as we draw near.
By Your pow’r we can make it,
In our lives, Your glory now and here.

Verse 2

Now healing hearts, refreshing souls,
Outreach in every step, we follow You.
It’s by Your touch, they are made whole.
So all may gather here to worship You.

(repeat chorus twice, then key change)

Verse 3

With brand new hearts and strengthened souls,
With praise in every step, we come to You.
Now giving thanks! You’ve made us whole.
That’s why we gather here to worship You.

Copyright © 2012 Darcy L. Watkins
All Rights Reserved

Chart G-maj/A-maj [PDF]
Chart F-maj/G-maj [PDF]


Title: Healing Hearts
Author: Darcy L. Watkins
Copyright: © 2012, Darcy L. Watkins, All Rights Reserved.
First Line: With broken hearts and injured souls…
Key: F major / G major
Tempo: 65 BPM
Language: English
CCLI ID: 6299635