Heal Our Land

Words and Music by Darcy L. Watkins

Verse 1
We bow down on our knees,
Lord save our nation,
from destruction, sin and greed,
of this generation.

We long to see You move among us,
bring revival to our land.
You said Yourself You’d never leave us,
but that You’d come and heal our land.

Verse 2
We are called by Your name,
we are Your people.
Turning from our wicked ways,
we come here to pray.

(repeat chorus)

In Your word we put our hope.
We know you’re faithful and true.
And you’ll answer all our prayers.
Come Lord Jesus,
we call on You.

(repeat chorus)

(tag chorus last line)

Copyright © 1990 Darcy L. Watkins
All Rights Reserved

Lead Score [PDF]

Title:Heal Our Land
Author:Darcy L. Watkins
Copyright: © 1990, Darcy L. Watkins, All Rights Reserved.
First Line:We bow down on our knees…
Key:D major
Tempo:57 BPM
CCLI ID:2832821

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